Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Planner: Blog Topics to Promote Your Services

You are starting your career as a wedding planner and you want to be able to promote your services online. You decide to make a blog site for yourself. But in order to attract visitors and potential customers to your blog site, you will need to post interesting topics and articles. This is one of the best ways to market your services to potential clients out there.
Bear in mind that the person you are talking to is the bride. They are the ones who are mostly looking for a wedding planner to help them with all the wedding preparations. Your topics should catch the interest of the bride and here are some suggestions for blog topics: First is to write about what the bride needs to do and think about. This includes budgets, guest list, wedding venue, catering service, wedding dress, entourage, flowers, wedding cake and reception. As a wedding planner, you should give them detailed advice on how to deal with these things.
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The next blog topic you can write about is something that is a favorite for most brides and that is budgeting. You should write a blog post about budget tips to help the bride save money on some expenses for the wedding. As a wedding planner, you should be able to give them helpful tips on how they can save money and where to get the best supplies for their wedding day.
The third topic you can write about is the do's and don'ts of planning and organizing a wedding. Brides will often look at these topics to help them with their wedding preparations. A checklist of the do's and don'ts in wedding planning can give them a heads up if they are doing anything wrong. As you are promoting your wedding planning services, make sure you put that hiring you as a wedding planner is one of the do's they should do.
Another good topic to tackle is the family of both bride and groom. Cultural differences are unavoidable but should be equally respected when it comes to marriage. As a bride, you will need to consider your family's cultural background as well as your soon-to-be husband as to not disrespect any member in both your families. You can give specific tips on how a bride can handle such obstacle in planning for her wedding.
And lastly, you can write a blog post giving detailed advice on how the bride can prioritize things for her wedding. As a wedding planner, I'm sure you know what the first things to handle are and giving some advice about this will greatly attract brides into your blog site. It is very important that you do not forget to market yourself in all the blog posts you will be putting. Perhaps you are writing about all the things the bride should handle and segue to advice them that hiring a wedding planner can be less stressful for them.
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