Friday, March 18, 2016

Green Wedding Ideas: Celebrating Your Love While Bettering the World

Your wedding day is the perfect day to integrate your values and ideals into your ceremony and reception. If you care about the world and environment then these green wedding ideas will help you better the world for yourself and your children.
Going green also gives you a wonderful chance to be creative and be very personal in planning this most important day.
Starting with your wedding dress and your groom's tuxedo, consider a vintage dress and tuxedo from a resale shop, or you could look for an organic silk/hemp wedding dress and even a dress that you could wear on occasions.
Another idea is to consider donating your dress and/or tuxedo to a charity after the wedding day is over. This reuse is better for the environment and it's helping someone less fortunate than yourself.
For a different, and environmentally conscious, idea you can take a look at the absolutely beautiful wooden wedding bands that are now available for the bride and groom who really care about the world they live in.
For the wedding invitations, buy 100% recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine. Use a reply postcard and it will save return envelopes which saves paper and money.
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Set up a wedding blog with your wedding information such as directions, hotel information, if needed, and other related wedding topics will save paper and printing as well as saving you money.
Since flowers are a big part of any wedding day, ask your florist to use local and/or organic flowers for bouquets and table arrangements. You might also find a grower of wildflowers to use for all your wedding floral day needs.
Of course, potted plants in place of cut flower arrangements for the reception tables are a great idea. Then they can be given as gifts, donated to a charity or used in your home and garden.
Here is a wonderful idea for wedding favors. Announce to the guests that you have made a donation per guest to your favorite environmental organization. Giving small potted plants of herbs, or wrapped packets of wildflower seeds as favors is another idea.
Food is a major part of the party celebration after the ceremony. When going green, rent real glasses, dishes, and cloth napkins. As an alternative, use biodegradable and compostable dishes and flatware but be sure to stay away from the normal disposable plates and flatware.
If you are planning to have a caterer, look for one who specializes in fresh, healthy and organic foods and knows how to prepare it well. And, of course, well in advance of the wedding, ask to taste the foods you'll be having from any caterer that you are talking to about doing your reception.
The same advice would go for finding a baker to do your wedding cake. It does take a bit more time, but well worth it to have what you want.
Frame your wedding photos in recycled frames finished with earth-friendly stains. Digital photography allows you to pick and print only the images you need. Very attractive photo albums made from recycled materials are available.
Here are some ideas to go green when it comes to your wedding gifts.
You might pass on gifts and instead ask guests to make a contribution to a favorite green charity.
Tell guests to bring you a nice reuse item that they didn't any longer need or use.
Think about registering for only earth friendly gifts.
There are many green wedding ideas and hopefully this will give you a start at making your beautiful green day all you wish it to be.
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