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2016 New Summer Wedding Dresses

2016 New Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer Is Coming For Summer Wedding We offer Some Simple Design Summer Dress

There are so many stunning, structured wedding dresses out there. And we love them, too. But when you are planning a summer wedding, and the weather is bound to be balmy, do you really want to have to wear something complicated?  A dress that requires multiple pieces of shapewear, in fabric that doesn’t breath?  We didn’t think so. Here are 15 summer-approved wedding dresses that embrace the season with easy simplicity.

Above, this camisole-styled sheath wedding dress is pure relaxed elegance.   this is a gown that can be worn with flats or heels.

A slightly more “resort-wear” take on the same concept is this silk number (below) with a halter neckline.

If you like the simplicity of the above gowns, but need a more conservative silhouette, try this sleeveless, empire-waist option below. Its pretty v-neck and cream color are flattering, and the pockets reflect its easy vibe.

When styling a sheath dress, less is generally more.

Of course, there is no rule that your dress need be so long. Summer is the perfect time for less conventional brides to wear shorter or reception dresses to the main event. This mini-dress below features a scalloped-lace overlay and high boatneck. The loose, lace, elbow-length sleeves balance out the dresses high hemline, and give it a fun, retro vibe.

Fashion-forward brides, take note! Summer is the perfect time to go for that crop top dress you’ve been admiring!  We love this slightly boxy bodice paired with an a-line skirt above. And the criss-cross top and daring pencil skirt below would make the perfect dress for a rooftop wedding in the city.

When you’re the bride you can wear anything you want, and that includes a floral-patterned dress. Just imagine floating down across the lawn at your garden wedding in this fantastic gown below. Yup, amazing.

Separates are another way to embody easy summer style. Above, this universally flattering cap-sleeved dress has simple details and is just as comfortable to wear as it is pretty.

Above, this cutout statement back will help keep you cool. Romantics will love this stunning gown (below) that just might make a bride feel like a Jane Austen heroine gone modern.

Provided the lace isn’t too scratchy, a 3/4 length sleeve can be a summery choice for a bride that believes sleeves are a non-negotiable.  Just make sure when you try the dress on that the sleeves don’t irritate your skin and aren’t overly tight.

If no one would ever call you a shrinking violet, then these two striking, bold selections are just for you. A scarlet-striped wedding dress? Why not!  Okay, we know we promised “easy” and this dress above does have a boned bodice, but its also made of linen and is guaranteed to be the talk of the town. Pair with bronzer, a bold lip, and a sleek updo, and you are completely good to go.  Below, a lace jumpsuit isn’t for every bride. But if you want it, absolutely rock it.
summer wedding dress

summer wedding dress

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Summer Cocktail Dresses 2015

Summer Cocktail Dresses

A hot summer day, sweltering heat and a party to attend; a situation that needs a perfect dress to help you stay cool. Here are some ideas for summer cocktail dresses that you can choose from for such an occasion.

Every young girl at some point of time, dresses up in her mother's high heels, wears her mother's makeup, and trots around the house, ready in her own eyes to accept any party invite that comes her way. There starts every woman's intrinsic love for clothes and more importantly, fashion. And whether our intellectual part accepts our 'fashion consciousness' or not, it does not take away from the fact that it is that need to look good that drives us to look out for new trends every season. What we wear in the winter, spring, and summer is determined by the nip in the air and the heat wave, but more so by what is in and what is out. So as the temperature rises and we gulp down glasses of lemonade, what is the prediction for summer cocktail dresses? Here are our top picks as we mark out the best cocktail dresses for summer.

Tips for Cocktail Dresses for Summer

If you are looking out for a summer cocktail dress, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to let the dress be simple and well cut. The embellishments on the dress and the accessories you wear need to be determined depending on the time of the day that the party is being held. Given below are some tips that will help you pick out cocktail dresses for the summer.

If it is a morning affair, and you are attending a summer wedding, then try and choose cocktail attire for women that will let you be comfortable and let your skin breathe. Avoid complicated straps, sequins, shiny adornments, fabrics like satin, etc. Stick to dresses that are made of a fabric that is summer friendly and more importantly, wrinkle free.
For evening cocktails, bring out fabrics such as satin, silk, rayon and fine-gauge knits that work very well. A little bit of bling works for evening wear but if this is the case with your dress, then ensure that you do not over-accessorize. Let the prints of the dress be reminiscent of the season that it is being worn in.
Summer is the season of colors. Ditch the blacks and whites and make new additions to your color palette. Wear a bright summer color like yellow or pink. If colors make you slightly nervous, you can try and experiment with different prints on the dress.
Focus on your accessories. While matching accessories in shades of the same color as your dress work well, try and experiment with the adornments that you wear and make a statement, for example, if you are wearing a green dress, instead of wearing heels in the same color or plain old black, spice it up with wedges in a canary yellow. But make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you wear.

2015 New Coming Fashion Sheath Column Ruched Chiffon Custom Made Cocktail Dresses Hot Sale Beads On Shoulder With Zipper Back Homecoming Dresses While choosing cocktail party attire is not a Herculean task, choosing a style that flatters you may test your patience. The next section of this article lists out the different styles of cocktail dresses that are in vogue this season.

Cocktail Dresses for the Summer

One-Shoulder Dresses
A one-shoulder dress is the perfect way to flaunt well toned arms and to die for collar bones. Try a summer cocktail dress that has a gathered skirt which flatters and is perfect for someone who does not have a toned belly. If you have a well toned figure, then you could take a leaf out of the books of Hollywood fashionistas and opt for a Goddess dress with a flowing, pleated skirt.

Stretch Side Wrap Dress
The wrap dress has the distinction of being one of the timeless fashion statements in any woman's wardrobe. Introduced in the 1970s, it was embraced by most celebrities and heralded as the successor to the little black dress. If you are looking for something that will give you the coveted hourglass figure, then a wrap dress in stretch material and in colors like pearl and pastel shades may be the perfect solution.

Cocktail Suit
If you are one of those women who needs to rush to a cocktail party right from work, then this dress is the answer to your problems. A cocktail suit is more dressy than your average business attire and is available in both summer and winter colors. Team it up with a dressy, ruffle top and remove the jacket to make the suit look a little less formal.

Strapped Dress
It is after all summer, and the heat is just a nod to a dress with just-there sleeves. If you can carry off strapped dresses, then this may be one of the perfect cocktail dresses for you. Let the upper body of the dress hug your curves and let the skirt of the dress either be cut in an A-line or a full bodied, flowing skirt. We suggest that you go easy on the embellishments but if you want to add glitter and glimmer to the dress, then the accessories need to be subtle.

2015 New Sex Sheath Short Spaghetti Straps Red Satin Custom Made Cocktail Dresses V-Neckline Beads Working Sheath Knee Length Party Gown Sheath Dress
This is one of those cocktail dresses which is strictly for those who have a perfect 10 figure, thanks to its design which demands a tight fit to the body. But this is a dress which is perfect for summers because of the light fabrics that it is generally made of. You can opt for a strapped or a strapless sheath dress.

These were just a few options for summer cocktail dresses. If you are worried about the money that you may need to shell out on these dresses, do not get perturbed. There are several cheap cocktail dresses available at shops that have vintage clothes or fashion knockoffs. All you need to do is decide on the style that suits you and flaunt it at the next cocktail party you attend.

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Tips You Should Not Wear to a Wedding

Most of us are over-enthusiastic about the idea of weddings; all the more if it's a destination wedding. Planning starts months before the the day. From choosing the right gifts to deciding the attire for the wedding can be tricky. And that one question which everyone has on their minds―What do I wear? Should I choose bold colors or subtle ones? Maxidress or short dress? Tiara or no tiara? Formal or semi-formal? Phew! So many choices to make. Something that flatters you, plus something that doesn't make you look like you've tried too much.

Every wedding has some uninvited guests, some who hog on food, some who dress wacky! You definitely don't wanna be "that" person with everyone being staring at you. As far as wedding norms are concerned, your attire should not clash with the bride or the groom. It's a special day for them, and they deserve to look special. Unless, the wedding calls for an informal theme, do not dress up casual. Do not wear tacky clothes. There are certain colors that are not to be worn. Well, we have a big DO NOT list. Let's AVOID these at all costs.

All Whites or All Blacks 
women in all-white and all-black dress

women in all-white and all-black dress
Perhaps, you don't wanna be the-girl-who-wore-white or the-girl-who-wore-all-black in so and so's wedding. 'Cause the etiquette book for weddings clearly has a mention about it. White is meant for the bride and the bridal party. No beige, no ivory, no off-whites. And no excuses will be accepted if you turn up to a wedding dressing all white! Black is associated with deaths and bad omen. I know, black makes you look slim and sexy, but you don't wanna be the person to be blamed for any mishaps in the wedding. So spare it for a day.

Makeup and Accessory Overdose!
excessive makeup and accessories

You sure are attending the Lakme Fashion Week! I mean, walking in with all those dozens of makeup and accessories shows you're trying too hard. You will gain attention, but I'm sorry about it being negative. As far as weddings are concerned, keep it formal and elegant, unless it's mentioned in your invite.
Tiara Trend

Tiara trend has long gone. Attention-seekers is what they'll call you. Crowns, ornamental headbands, anything that resembles a tiara will be considered disrespectful to the bride. It's her day! Let her shine! Save your special day tiara for theme parties and proms.
Skimpy Outfits ✗
skimpy outfits 
skimpy outfits

No low-cuts. No see-through dresses. No exposing bra-straps. Act like grown-ups and shun revealing too much. I agree, weddings come with a great chance of meeting people, but there isn't really a need for your assets to bulge out. There isn't anything wrong in flaunting a leg or styling in different dress cuts―off-shoulders, one-shoulder, strapless, laced stuff, but do keep a check on the line between decency and vulgarity.

✗ Office Overdo ✗
office overdo
office overdo

You probably took 'formal' too seriously. You don't need to turn up from office. You can go in for pastel skirt-jacket combos, but drop these overly-business outfits for today. Two people have decided to stay together and share their joy with you, by inviting you. Don't show your disinterest toward attending the wedding by carrying the professional look.

✗ Goths ✗


You are obsessed with black and dark stuff. Styling Gothic is no harm, until and unless it's an elegant Gothic wedding. Other than that, wear pastels, lessen that kohl, try adding colors to the couples' life with your little deed of dressing color.

✗ Shimmer ✗
sparkles and glitters
sparkles and glitters

Okay, I get it, that you've outlandish choices, but making one such choice on this day can be embarrassing. Do not try to upstage the bride by dressing up in garish outfits and glittery stuff.

✗ Wild Prints ✗
concert outfits
concert outfits

Weddings are classy, club-wear isn't! You always get to see some people dressed up like they have come for a JLo concert! Wild prints are exotic, but just not meant for wedding ceremonies. So, no snakeskins, no leopard prints. If you're too fond of animal prints, you can go in for an accessory―handbag, a statement clutch, or footwear, in contrast to your outfit.

For Men

✗ Denim Disaster ✗
denim outfits
denim outfits

Denims? No. Skinny jeans? Nope. Colored jeans? Well, that's a bachelor's party dress code. No matter how dressy the jeans are, they are just not acceptable. If you want that cool, casual guy look, go in for khakis or skip the tie on your suit.

✗ Shorts, T-shirts, Flip Flops! ✗
t-shirts and shorts
t-shirts and shorts

I know, you wanna flaunt that 'desirable physique' of yours. But don't choose weddings to do that. Shorts, t-shirts, boxers―a big No! Do you wanna know about tracksuits? Well, all we have to say is, dress your age! Save them for your vacations and workouts. Dress formal, and by formal we mean formal.

✗ Funky Accessories ✗
chain wallets, bracelets
chain wallets, bracelets
We are not going to a rock concert. Definitely not a punk party. So, drop those metallic bracelets and funky chains or chain wallets for a day. Weather leather belts, statement watches, and a real pair of shoes! Let the gentleman come out.

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No 42. Fanny Brides

No 42. Fanny Brides

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Fanny Brand

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