Friday, March 25, 2016

9 Tips in Saving Money on Your Wedding

The cool breeze, the beautiful flowers, this season seemed to be hottest month for wedding. Of course, every one dreams a romantic and unique wedding. But generally speaking, the wedding costs more than $28,000 and only the wedding dress would cost about $5000.
So, many couples are also seeking tips in saving money on the big day. Luckily, 9 ways about overall budget are concluded in detail for those brides- to-be.
Overall budget on wedding
1. Refuse cheap items you will never use. Many small decorations are quite delicate and attractive, as they indeed will bring your wedding more impressive. But in most cases they do not. So try to think it over before you buy small cheap decorations.
2. Manage your wedding fees. If you planned to get married, usually, it is wise to spare the money as early as possible. And also prepare more than your budget.
3. Reduce your guest as many as possible. We are not asking you not to invite your friends to the wedding of course. But having a reduction reasonably on guest number is proved to quite effective.
4. Avoid peak time. If you celebrate your big day during festivals or weekends, probably too many brides and crowded transportation may ruin your moods. Besides, most vendors would offer big discount on another day. Generally speaking, there are more wedding ceremonies from May to September, so try to choose another time if possible.
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5. Create wedding blog. Many people have blogs nowadays, so why not have your wedding dress photos and notification shared on the blog? The friends would also have places to send regards, which saves money as well as much time.
6. Search for discount information on hotels. Hotels often have promotion, and what you should do is pick them out. Visit certain websites or order rooms ahead of time will save you a lot of money.
7. Be smart in shopping. Never haste to buy gifts just before the wedding. Sometimes, you could even buy prefect gifts during seasonal discount, which also brings different feeling to the wedding.
8. Figure out the wedding time reasonably. It often occurs that the time of the wedding too short, and more money have to be spent on the extra time during that right day. So try to figure out time in a reasonable way, never too hurry.
9. Consider destination wedding. One of the most unforgettable moments in wedding is the honeymoon for the couples. So how about have a destination wedding when you have invited fewer guests. Usually, the beautiful nature will add more charm to your wedding dress photos and also brings much more joy to the happiest moment in your life. (to be continued)

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