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Dress For Success - How Dressing in Suits and a Necktie Gets You Promoted Before Your Peers

Have you recently endured long hours of interviews and managed to land a job offer? Hats off to you for a job well done in getting a new job! Facing new challenges is a thrilling experience. Being chosen out of many applicants, especially during these trying economic times, is indeed an accomplishment. All you have to do now is to make sure that your career is off to a good start by projecting a professional image and dressing the part.
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Improving Your Image And Career Advancement:
John Malloy, an image consultant, performed numerous research that confirms the impact of how being dressed properly affects a persons career.
A specific experiment was performed to see the extent of how a persons success can be affected by his clothing. Molloy assigned a male who was 28 years of age to go to the train stations of New York to ask people to give him $1.25 to pay for his fare since he forgot to bring his wallet. The 28 year old man did this for an hour as he was dressed in plan jeans and a t-shirt and in a suit and tie. He was able to collect the least amount of $8.38 while wearing plain clothes and four times as much while wearing a suit and a tie. And he made only one dollar more when he was wearing a blue-collar necktie than when he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
This experiment only goes to show that classic business necktie patterns, ones that have small patterns, solids, and stripes, are a better option for you to wear if you want career advancement.
The study by Molloy study confirms that your clothing can indeed improve your image and your career. Let me help you with some pointers on what you can wear to work to boost your new career.
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What to Wear:
You need to do research on what to wear. You cant just close your eyes and pick out the winning lottery from your closet, plan what you should. There are a lot of factors when you are choosing the correct outfit. What line of business is your work in? How do the bosses dress? Get the feel of the company's culture and you will be able to base what to wear from their apparent dress code.
If you want to become a boss then dress like your boss. Learn what stores they buy their clothing from and purchase from the same stores the next time you shop. Remember that your bosses will be the ones to assess whether or not you will get a promoted and the decision will most likely be positive if they see themselves in you, not just performance wise but image wise too. Investing on how you look and how you dress are essential if you want success.
What Not to Wear:
Dont worry about looking savvier looking than your boss, just don't over dress and make everybody else look like slobs. Just make sure you are not dressed too far from the office dress code norm. Being under-dressed is just as ill advised as being over-dressed, even on Fridays when offices usually dress down into casual attire. It is better to look a tad bit over dressed though than to look too casual. But never wear a black bow tie along with a black suit; a nice necktie will be your best option.
If your new job will require plenty of travel, it is best to learn how to neatly fold your suit, shirt, and tie so they wont get crumpled and you would still look impeccable when you show up for out of town business meetings.
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