Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Save a Bundle on Your Wedding

It is true that your wedding is one of the most special occasions of your life. It is also true that it has to be magical, but to make it so; you do not need to spend your life's savings or sustain a debt for many years.
Truth be told, how special this moment is depends solely on the couple, their energy, their vibrations and happiness during the preparations and on that special day. Everything else is a complement of that feeling permeating the air, the feeling that these two people are meant to be together and everything fits perfectly.
When a wedding is planned under this energy, everything flows, things fall into place very easily; schedules, scenarios and details fall into your hands and planning is simple. You then, do not need to look for the fancier catering, the most expensive designer and the shiniest of settings. A heart-warming menu portraying your favorite treats, a cheap wedding dress that is fit for a princess and even your gorgeous backyard, are perfect to make that day special, as long as love is all there is. In fact, when in harmony with that love vibration, you will desire simplicity and intimacy on that day, making you reject complicated and costly planning.
Do not worry. If you think you need to pawn your life to make that day unforgettable, think again. Normally, very costly weddings are necessary to make up for what is missing deep inside and that is the basis for the event to be happening in the first place, real and profound love.
Here are some easy ways to complement your magical day while spending a third of the money:
-Think about getting a perfect and stylish used dress, only worn once and that will cost you a fraction of one made from scratch. Believe it, no one will notice it was not made for you! Very much to the contrary, by using a beautiful dress another lovely bride has already used, you are helping to spread that loving feeling from one couple to the other and into the Universe; it turns into a shared flow of loving energy spreading around, and maximizing your beauty.
-Plan for a simple but special menu. Select your favorite foods and combine simple ingredients to taste delicious. Maybe there is one kind of food you both like a lot; so treat your friends to a feast without going over budget. It is not about fancy food, but rather food for the heart.
-Since everything at a wedding is, in its majority, never going to be used again, many people sell everything they used to decorate the setting, and even the bride's jewelry. You will certainly find something to fit your style and budget, allowing you to start your new life in a simple but rich way, and leaving room for you two to enjoy the years to come without worrying about debt or a tight budget.
-By stating your desires early on you will have total clarity about what you want and how to get it. Write down every detail of that special day and state what is really important for you, in that way, your mind will not be side-tracked and confused later on.
It is important to realize that there is always a classy option for every budget. Not wanting to spend a lot of money does not mean you have to sacrifice charm and magic that day, in fact, it means you really know what you want and have your priorities straight, and this is the first step to let that magic unfold and fill any space or group with the energy that turns anything into gold: true love.
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