Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to Raise and Save Money for a Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! So much to think about! Before you start electing people for your wedding party you may want to begin thinking of how you are going to finance your wedding. Not every bride to be has a wealthy father to cover the expenses of a wedding, as traditionally the bride's family is responsible for costs. Many brides and grooms have to take care of the wedding funds by planning, saving, and budgeting the expenses.
First make a list of what you intend to have at your wedding. The location, wedding attire, catering, reception, honeymoon and everything else you intend to finance and make a rough estimate on costs. Set a budget up for each individual item on your list and investigate options based on quality and costs. When you have an idea of how much you intend to spend on your wedding you can then think about how you are going to reach your goal.
Make a website! There are tons of wedding pages out there so you can keep your friends and family up to date on events surrounding your engagement. My Wedding Planner has a great page that comes equipped with a wedding planner and built in modules so you can find vendors in your area and money saving resources.
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• Monthly raffles! Ask your friends and family to purchase low costs raffle tickets, approximately $1.00-5.00 per raffle and the gift could be a $10.00-20.00 gift card. You can host the contests from your website and collect money with a account.
• Run a sign up sheet of budget necessities off your website and as it gets closer to the date your friends can select certain things to cover in order to help you out. You can add a module that allows the guests to see what has been covered and what expenses still need to be taken care of. For instance, one friend can sign up to take care of flowers, the other the cake, and the other 25% of reception hall, etc.
• The average American wedding costs roughly between $20,000-25,000 but don't let that scare you! A perfectly beautiful dream wedding can be obtained for about $5,000-7,000 if budgeted correctly.
Don't forget to start a Registry! Registering your bridal shower with any department store can also help you to save money. Some of the items you chose can be used for d├ęcor during the ceremony or reception, along with catering supplies, etc.
Hire a Local Band! Many new and talented bands offer their services for next to nothing on your local Craigslist. Just go online and post a listing searching for a local band that play a particular genre. Many of the bands just want the chance to play in front of an audience and get their name out there, so it is a win for both of you and you save dough by avoiding high DJ costs.
Consider Location! Chapels or church fees tend to be a bit more expensive than beachfront weddings or scenery weddings. If you decide that you must be married in a church make sure it is high on your priority list of things to take care of in advance. Beachfront weddings can be beautiful, scenic, and less costly so this may be a nice alternative.
The Dresses! Of course we want our dress to be perfect and there are many dresses out there by popular retailers that offer discounts in bulk for you and your wedding party. If you're on even a tighter budget you can consider purchasing the dress overseas in advance (like in China) and have the dresses shipped over in advance. Make sure to check the reviews of the company and contact former clients for their input and experience and if any alterations need to be done have them done in the states before the wedding. has a huge selection of magnificent wedding dresses and attire that are extremely affordable. Check their feedback for all their reviews before buying or bidding.
Now that there has been a successful Wedding Proposal you're officially engaged and it's time for some major planning! Getting married is stressful enough! The hardest part about getting married (next to cold feet) is the money that it involves. If you save in advance by putting a small percentage of your income to the side and focusing on budgeting comfortably, you minimize stress so the experience... isn't so painful. Don't forget to Treasure your Marriage for the years to come. Good luck and Congratulations!

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