Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fashion Marketing Tips - Creating Search Engine Optimized Articles For Your Business

We've all done it: typed our "niche" into Google and prayed that our website would magically appear. This is usually the moment that we are swiftly knocked from our totem pole and realize that we are just one little ant in one gigantor anthill of fashion websites. Wouldn't it be nice to be let in on fashion marketing tips that all of the major sellers are privy too?
You've got your website up and running. You've created pieces that would give Michael Kors a run for his money. You know everyone would love your stuff --if only they could find you! You know you are amazing . . . now it's time to tell the world. With SEO articles, you can do just that.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimized Articles, are one of the best fashion marketing tips in the biz. They allow you a window to reach out to customers who are already actively seeking to make a purchase. This really gives you a leg up on your other marketing efforts. Instead of searching for customers through emails and letters, you can actually have customers looking for you!
A few years ago, you probably ran across many of those "keyword stuffed" articles. You know the ones that drive you bonkers and make no sense at all, the ones that are simply a jumble of keywords hoping to entice a click? Don't worry. I am not talking about making any of those! Good thing too - Search engines are becoming smarter every second. Programmers have actually created ways to block these types of articles from pulling up on their pages. What you will want to create is an article that is informative and helpful. Let's walk through how to create these costumer luring articles using a prom dress business as our example.
White A-line Crystal Strapless Summer Prom Dress
1. Choose Your Keyword
If you had a prom dress business, you would think of words that a young girl or mother might type into her search engine, i.e.; prom dresses, homecoming dresses, etc. Write your keywords on a piece of paper. You will want to fit those keywords somewhere into the first five words of your article's title, once in the first few sentences, once in the body of the article and once again in the last paragraph. The words won't always fit like a glove, but make sure that they at least have a good flow with the rest of the article. This increases your chances of being picked up by a search engine.

2. Be Helpful

Don't simply "push" your product in your articles. Many times that can have a backfiring effect. Your article doesn't have to be about purchasing a prom dress, it just has to have your keywords woven within the information. Gain your readers trust by offering her hints for her big night or tips on how to clean an "emergency punch spill" or "makeup stain" on her gown.

3. Posting Your Article

Create a special section of your site for your helpful advice and/or create a user name at a blog site and post away. These articles are multi-purpose, as you can link your site's articles into your email blasts and increase your chances of making the sale.

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