Thursday, October 30, 2014

No 33. Saison Blanche

No 33. Saison Blanche

Beginning in 1993, Saison Blanche first entered the world of bridal fashion and making a name for our self creating timeless, yet modern gowns and incorporating Traditional Elements and Finishing Techniques, which was something the Bridal market was missing. Beginning with a very exclusive Client base, we began to strive to offer our gorgeous quality to a more diverse audience. We decided we needed to upgrade our name, and really begin to put a distinction on the brand.

Then, in 2003, Saison Blanche Couture was officially launched. Starting with an only a small collection of Couture Wedding gowns, and a second collection of more moderately priced Boutique Wedding gowns. Striving hard for Perfection, we at Saison Blanche Couture are always putting our strength into only putting our name on beautiful gowns that make even the most fashionable bride smile. Excelling in delicate hand beading, rich embroidery, and luxurious fabrications, we at Saison Blanche are consistently striving for perfection and creating clean silhouettes and incorporating delicate details that truly give our gowns a Couture feel. 

Since then, Saison Blanche Couture has launched a second bridesmaid’s collection, Saison Blanche Boutique Bridesmaids, to help us adapt to the new world where price truly is a deciding factor. Pairing down our original bridesmaids’ collection, Saison Blanche Bridesmaids, to develop something more simple and clean, all the while maintaining and staying true to our design aesthetic.  Simultaneously, we have launched our Social Occasion collection catering towards fashionable customers who appreciate gorgeous hand details and timeless silhouettes.  Creating beautiful gowns perfect all occasions, we are now offering to the world perfect cocktail length gowns, and also the sweeping floor length black tie looks that we have come to be known for.

For Spring 2012, Saison Blanche Couture has incorporated sumptuous fabrics and we are moving towards lighter weight fabrications that float across the room, fabrics such as Silk Taffeta, Silk Organza, and Ethereal Tulle. Crystallized belts are giving our gowns a distinct vintage feel, with delicately beaded imported lace that glistens in the light, and floating textured skirts that are sure to make your heart skip a beat. Making a name for ourselves as being fashionable, chic, yet timelessly modern, we have stuck to our design aesthetic, all while growing, evolving, and setting the trends of Bridal Fashion.

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