Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No 30. Mori Lee

No 30. Mori Lee

About MoriLee

When we first started designing wedding dresses, we heard the same themes over and over. Women wanted to walk down the aisle with confidence. They wanted to be comfortable and be themselves. Most of all, though, they just wanted to feel pretty, both inside and out.
That was more than 60 years ago, and brides still want now what they wanted then. We’ve taken the idea of making brides feel gorgeous and made it the cornerstone of our brand, coupling it with an unrelenting demand for quality and affordability. We know that, when we create a dress, we’re not just making something to wear. We’re making magic.
Our designers are some of the absolute best in the industry, driven by real passion for bringing beauty into the world. We’ve solidified ourselves as experts in bridal attire and have expanded our designs to include luxurious collections for prom, quinceanera, homecoming, parties, social events and other special occasions. Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, our contemporary, our award-winning dresses and gowns suit every age and style.
Providing priceless leadership for us is internationally renowned bridal designer Madeline Gardener. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, she has been a driving force behind Mori Lee for more than 17 years and sincerely loves every second of making girls and women feel beautiful. Dress after gorgeous dress, she continues to win awards with designs that capture the essence of the modern bride.

Celebrating 60 years of Excellence

Mori Lee, the leading brand of Bridal and Eveningwear for over 60 years, under the creative direction of Madeline Gardner since 1985, brings you beautiful Collections for all the special events of your life.
Always looking to the future to bring forth the most modern, elegant and luxurious details to each Collection. These designs will span the globe to bring the richest, most modern textures and details to all the beautiful women that know Mori Lee as the go to luxe label. Inspiring shapes with seductive accents, Statement pieces, Intricate Beading and elegant laces bring these Collections forward.
Mori Lee touches our brides with a wide range of Collections for the most memorable moments of her life. Mori Lee®, Blu®, Julietta®, VoyagĂ©® and AF Couture® are the bridal ranges with exclusive designs, feminine silhouettes and our world renowned, fabulous fit.
Bridesmaids®, Affairs®, Lace Affairs® and Angelina Faccenda® are the dresses to compliment the bride as bridesmaids or guests of the wedding.
Mori Lee presents exclusive special occasion designs for Party, Prom, Quinceanera and homecoming for the fashionable, contemporary young woman looking for fashion-forward styling. The Collections include Paparazzi®, Sticks&Stones®, and Vizcaya®.
VM Collection® epitomizes sophisticated elegance and wearability for today’s modern woman. Always treasure the values of a beautiful Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Gown.

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